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Erika Baglyas, a prominent figure of the middle generation in contemporary Hungarian art, established the design brand, DOT for You, in 2015 with the primary profile of designing and producing calendars, notebooks, sketchbooks and papergoods.

In collaboration with a bookbinder and a creative workshop, DOT for You aims to create products that allow plenty of space, in their design and function, for experimenting with traditional bookbinding techniques. Handwork techniques are reinterpreted and products are clad in novel, high-quality and creative materials to present the grandeur of handicraft.

DOT for You became a team in 2016, and now Mayer Kitti project manager, and László Szörényi graphic designer make up the DOT team beside the Founder. In 2016 our webshop launched through StyleHub which is a true professional recognition as earlier only leading fashion brands could get into their only-invite system.
Our small-business manufacture also commits individual orders, designs and implements customized products for companies, projects as well as investors and shops. Our related references can be found under the Customized menu item.

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